19th Sunday OT – B – Aug 8, 2021

The Bread of Life: The Golden Measure

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a unique number, approximately 1.618033989. It is also known as the Divine Ratio, the Golden Mean, the Golden Number, Divine Proportion and the Golden Section.

The Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers

The Fibonacci numbers are a unique sequence of integers, starting with 1 (twice), each succeeding number the sequence is the sum of the two preceding ones. So the sequence goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. For some mysterious reasons, this sequence of numbers seems to appear in a wide variety of places in the natural world.

The Fibonacci Sequence is an infinite sequence, which means it goes on forever, and as it develops, the ratio of the consecutive terms converges (becomes closer) to the Golden Ratio, ~1.618. For example, to find the ratio of any two successive numbers, take the latter number and divide by the former. So, we will have: 1/1=1, 2/1=2, 3/2=1.5, 5/3=1.66, 8/5=1.6, 13/8=1.625, 21/13=1.615.

In the Arts

Prevalent in the major works of Leonardo Da Vinci and underlying many of his design compositions, is the Golden Ratio. Another artist who deliberately used the golden ratio is the surrealist Salvador Dali.

In nature and the Human Body

The ancients believe these numbers were sacred. And that might have been because the same proportions can be found in nature.

One of nature’s most exquisite forms is the simple curved shell of the Nautilus. Like so much of nature, the beauty of this shape can also be explained with an equation. If you take a series of squares whose sides correspond to numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, you can construct a logarithmic spiral. A curve that corresponds to the shape of the Nautilus shell.

At an average of 100,000 light years across, even the spirals of the galaxies above us are formed with the exact design that the tiny shells form.

The human body proportioned according to the Golden Ratio is also taken as the basis in the Neufert, one of the most important reference books of modern day architects. The ideal proportional relations that are suggested as existing among various parts of the average human body and that approximately meet the Golden ratio values can be set out in a general plan. The first example of the Golden Ratio in the average human body is that when the distance between the navel and the foot is taken as one unit the height of the human being is equivalent to 1.618. Other examples are shown in the clip.

However, it may not always be possible to use a ruler and find this ratio all over people’s faces because it applies to the idealized human form on which scientists and artists agree.

The DNA molecule in which all the physical features of living things are stored. DNA consists of two intertwined perpendicular helixes. The length of the curve in each of these helixes is 34 angstroms and the width, 21 angstroms. 21 and 34 are  two consecutive Fibonacci numbers.

God’s Fingerprint

This sequence appears to be the trademark of a designer – a proof of a Creator – something left behind, indicating the One who was there- a fingerprint, if you may, of God. Even Michelangelo’s “Creation” falls within this so-called “Divine Proportions”- a good nexus for us.

This golden measure in the sciences and the arts brings us to the core of life: rational relationships. Ratio after all is reason and relationship.

The Divine Ratio (1:1)

♥ Let us consider Psalm 34 of today’s readings. I will bless the Lord at all times; let my soul glory in the Lord; I sought the Lord, and he answered me; Taste and see how good the Lord is. Blessed the man who takes refuge in Him.

♥ This is a thanksgiving psalm spoken in the 1st person point of view. It speaks from: I, me, my, and the singular man. And it speaks of the very personal senses of seeing and tasting.

Then we consider Jesus’ proclamation in today’s Gospel (Jn 6:41-51) Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. ( Jn 6:47 )

♥ Again, Jesus’ invitation is directed to whoever, singular and personal, albeit universal and general.

♥ The golden ratio formulated in numbers found in all of nature, albeit a fascinating and astonishing trivia, if at all true, is nothing compared to this Divine Ratio or Relationship that is certainly real.

The divine ratio, the divine ratio of Christian life, the divine measure is: one is to one (1:1).

♥ Just as we are all connected through the golden ratio in the material world, so must we be truly connected to God – not through material numbers and formulas, not through impersonal means and functions, but through Personal Relationship.

♥ The simple point of this lesson is:

Let each of us have, for every human person, a personal relationship with a loving personal eternal God – a One to One Relationship with God.

Q: How Do We Start Living By This Golden Divine Measure?  A: By Imitation

♥ The first step to living up to this measure is given by Paul in today’s 2nd reading (Eph 4:30-5:2): by imitation.

Eph 5:1-2 – So be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love…

Just survey Paul’s theology of imitation:

✠1 Cor 4:16 Therefore, I urge you, be imitators of me…

✠1 Cor 11:1 Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ…

✠Phil 3:17 Join with others in being imitators of me…

✠1 Thes 1:6 And you became imitators of us and of the Lord…

✠1 Thes 2:14 For you have become imitators of the churches…

✠2 Thes 3:7 For you know how one must imitate us.

✠2 Thes 3:9 we wanted to present ourselves as a model for you, so that you might imitate us.

♥ And other scripture passages too:

✠ Heb 6:12  so that you may not become sluggish, but imitators of those who, through faith and patience, are inheriting the promises.

✠ Heb 13:7 Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

✠ 3  Jn 1:11 Beloved, do not imitate evil but imitate good.

The Bread of Life is the True Golden Measure

♥ Eucharist: Love without Measure.

What more could Jesus have done for us? Truly, in the Eucharist, He shows us a love which goes “to the end” (cf. Jn 13:1), a love which knows no measure. (JPII, Ecclesia de Eucharistia,6)

Eucharist: Measure of Faith.

The measure of our Faith is our belief that Jesus Christ is now on earth in the Holy Eucharist. In the measure that we believe in His Real Presence, He will teach us the truth, and work miracles in our favor. Our relationship to Jesus in the Eucharist is the measure of the validity of our Catholic faith.

Eucharist: the Measure of Hope.

The measure of our Hope is in how we live the teachings of Christ (kerygma) and the shared life (koinonia) to be instruments of hope to others.


1) Do you have a One to One Relationship with God that goes beyond the math of how many times you received holy communion?

2) Are all bitterness, fury, anger, shouting, and reviling removed from you, along with all malice (Eph 4:31)?

3)  Are you kind, compassionate, forgiving as God has forgiven you in Christ (Eph 4:32)?

God bless you!

Anima Christi (Arboleda)

18th Sunday, Ord. Time – B, August 1, 2021


Ex 16:2-4.12-15; Ps 78;Eph 4:17. 20-24; Jn 6:24-35


I would like to share with you a popular Hindu parable which I learned when I was still new in the seminary. This parable is about a stone-cutter who was working on a piece of stone in the fields and he was sweating it out, trying to get a piece of stone from a big boulder.  And then a king passed by. The stone cutter thought to himself, “Oh how I wish I were a King!” The Lord answered His prayers. And from being a stone­cutter this man was transformed into a King!

He was soon dressed like a King. And as he was moving around his kingdom, it was very warm because the sun was scorching hot. He realized that even if he was already a powerful king, he could not do anything about the sun! So he told God, “Lord, I don’t want to be King anymore! It seems the sun is more powerful than a King, I want to be a sun!” So he became the sun. Very Hot! And he was making everybody perspire! Until one day, clouds passed by and overpowered the heat of the sun.

              So this man said, “Lord, I don’t want to be a sun anymore; make me into clouds, because it seems that the clouds are more powerful than the sun!” So the clouds were sailing theskies very gracefully, and beautifully; until they became very heavy. The clouds became water; and the clouds became rain! So he thought that he was still very powerful because there was a big flood on earth. Until he saw that there was still something that was left unmoved in spite of the great floods he has caused! And it was a piece of stone.

              Then he said, “It seems that the stone is more powerful than the rain, the water, and the flood! Lord, I want to be a big stone.” And after he became a big stone, he saw that there was a stone cutter who was more powerful than the stone. So he said, “Lord, I don’t want to be a stone anymore, I just want to be a stone-cutter.”

We can have plenty of reasons to be discontented. We can have plenty of reasons to complain. We will not run out of reasons to complain. But let me tell you, if we have ten ‘ reasons to complain, there are certainly more than a hundred reasons to be grateful. And yet we are people who love to complain. And yet we are a people who always tend to neglect appreciating the good in each other.

The Jews were not very far from that. The Jews were fed, five thousand men of them, by the Lord. And they admired the Lord for performing such a wonderful miracle. And then, they were starting to recognize that there was something special about this Jesus! Their typical Jewish rabbis, teachers and preachers were not doing the things Jesus was doing. And so they told Jesus, “You know, if you are really the Messiah, Moses gave us mannah in the desert. If you are the Messiah, you should give us mannah also; because that is the sign of the messiah!”

The Lord said, “I am the bread come down from heaven. I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes in me shall not thirst.” But what did the Jews say, “NO! We know your family; we know where you come from. You cannot be the messiah! We don’t believe in you!”

The Jews chose to be discontented rather than see the wonderful signs the Lord has done for them. Would it not be true that we complain too much. We see faults in each other too much. We see faults in our friends too much, that we forget that we have been blessed that, we forget that we have more reasons to be grateful, to be thankful to God for.

Have you ever seen a carabao? In the Philippines, many of our farmers still use carabaos for their farming. Of course we don’t see carabaos in the city. I grew up in a city so I don’t know much about carabaos. But a priest friend who has spent his childhood in the rural fields, his father being a farmer, told me something special about their carabaos. They  had two carabaos which they kept at the back of their farm­house. To keep their carabaos within the limits of their property, his father set up barbed-wire fences around. The carabaos had more than enough green grasses to eat within their back yard. This friend of mine told me that every morning he would always see these two carabaos sticking their head out between the barbed-wire fences. Trying to eat the grass outside the yard. The grass looks always greener at the other side of the fence.

There is always a temptation even for us human beings to think that “others are better than I am;” “others are more fortunate than I am;” that “God loves them more than He loves me;” “they have all the blessings in the world while I have all the reasons to complain.”

We have a strong message from St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians in the second reading. He says: “I want to urge you in the name of the Lord, not to go on living the aimless kind of life that the pagans live. You must give up your old way of life; you must put aside your old self which gets corrupted by following illusory desires.” What St. Paul is trying to tell us is that: it is our illusory desires that make us want to complain. And again, all these illusions are but caused by our short-sightedness. The closer we are to being blind, the greater is our desire for visual, material, physical signs.

And the good news is that God recognizes this short-sigh­tedness. You want a more visible sign? You want a more physical sign? I give you my son, in flesh and blood! BUT like the Jews in the time of Jesus, all our illusory desires have kept us blind to the very person of Jesus Himself!

Jesus repeats the good news for us in the gospel this Sunday: “Do not work for food that perishes but for food that endures.” And what Jesus is saying can be summed up in a single sentence: The human heart has a hunger and thirst that nothing on earth can satisfy.

It’s a lesson that we must learn, if we are ever to find true happiness. Fame and fortune, all the wealth in this material world, promise to fill the void, the hole, the emptiness in the human heart.  But in the end they leave the heart more hungry, more thirsty, more short-sighted, and ever more complaining, than it was before!

Let us pray for the grace to overcome our persistence in complaining, in fault-finding, in being unhappy with our situation. At the same time let us ask the Lord for the grace to think positively, for the grace to see the reasons why we should be happy and why we should be grateful, let us ask God to open our eyes to the blessings we have received and to the blessings we still fail to see because we are a people who love to grumble, we are a people who love to complain.

Jesus dares us to live in contentment –  content with the fact the we have Him, the Bread of Life. He alone suffices!


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