14th Sunday –OT- A July 5, 2020


A SHADOW PARABLE. There was a man who was so disturbed by the sight of his own shadow. He considered himself perfect except for this black thing that followed him everywhere he went. So, one day he decided to get rid of his shadow.

   The first method he hit upon was to run as fast as he could. But his shadow kept up with him without the difficulty.

   Next he thought of drowning his shadow in the sea by swimming as fast as he could. This did not work.

   Then he thought of pushing him off the cliff as he rock climbed. This did not work as well.

   Finally, he thought of searing his shadow in the hot desert. “Then, he’ll have to leave me because he is not worthy of me,” he thought. But after a long day’s hike in the scorching sun, he was aghast with frustration because the longer he stayed in the desert, the larger and sharper his shadow grew.

    Seeking to find rest, he found a lone tree in the middle of the desert and lay down under it.  And to his utter surprise and contentment, his shadow just disappeared…lost under the shadow of the lonely tree in the middle of the desert.


Let’s start our lecturette with this basic assumption: each of us is born into this world with a Body (soma, sarx), Mind (psyche, anima, soul) & a Spirit (pneuma). These elements constitute the Self (w/ capital S). This corresponds to the NT Biblical total person:” …may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Thes 5:23). Generally, the human soul & spirit are interchangeably used. That’s ok. But technically, they’re not the same. The psyche or the soul is the seat of consciousness & unconsciousness, roughly, the mind. It gives life to the body. But what gives life to the soul is the spirit (pneuma), which makes it eternal. Death is therefore of the body alone, not the soul and spirit. (cf 2nd rdg. Rom 8:9.11-13).

The psyche (soul, anima) is our interest for now. The spirit is God’s gift. It will do its work on its own. But it will have to work on our psyche – our mind, consciousness & our unconsciousness. That is our responsibility: our gift to God (plus a healthy body too).

Now, this psyche, theoretically, as far as the mind is concerned, has at least 2 levels: the conscious and the unconscious. (Jung has a 3rd: collective unconscious.)


Nope, not nine. We’re not cats. On earth, at least, we only have three: Public life – the real social activities & public relations & functions; the Private life – alone or with a friend or family; and the Secret life – the significant  self (w/ small s) – realm of one relationship with oneself, motives, desires, principles, a wide range of contents known and unknown to the public and even in private. That’s the realm, too, of the psyche, with the 2 levels we said above.


(N.B.: The notion of the persona is one of the most influential concepts developed by Carl Jung, an analytical psychologist. I am not a Jungian, an avid follower of his thoughts on man and especially on God. In fact, I do not recommend his positions on these matters, which lead to new age foundations. I only find partial benefit in this particular structure of the ego, persona and the shadow. But even in dealing with the shadow, I do not totally agree with Jung and instead espouse a Christian approach. Ei, I’m neither a Freudian.)

►The Ego (Latin for “I”) is not the Self but just a part of it. It develops within the Self’s Conscious psyche through child development. Depending on how it develops, it can be weak (deflated), balanced, or disordered (inflated). The ego, being conscious/ aware, stands between the inner world of secret life and the outer world of private & public life, and its task is to adapt to both. The medium of adaptation that the ego uses is what we call the Persona.

►The Persona –  therefore is not the Self (which is a lot larger in scope as we said above). The persona is just  the self that one shows in public; derived from the Latin word for “mask.” it mediates between the ego and the external world of society (public & private). It is the role you play in the society; it shields from public & even private view what is personal, intimate and vulnerableN.B.: the individual should realize that he/ she is not identical with his/ her persona. If this happens, the results can be devastating, if not for oneself, for others: e.g., egotism- an exaggerated sense of self-importance; egocentrism-  concerned with one’s own endeavours most often at the expense of others, including chronic fatigue syndrome, neuroses, just to name a few.

Now, the ego, while it has to relate to the public & private outer lives, also has to relate with the unconscious level of the psyche. Remember that the ego wants to shield most secret part of one’s secret life from the outer world. While the ego can easily communicate with the conscious contents it has learned, like moral principles, virtues and values, rules and propriety, it also needs to communicate with the unconscious materials of the psyche found in the unconscious level. Why? 2 reasons: 1) Because the ego should know what needs to be protected in order to protect it. 2) The ego needs to be informed so that the way it deals with the outer world thru its persona would be balanced. The mode of communication between the ego and the unconscious secret life is what we call the Shadow.

►The Shadow is thus a psychic entity that stands between the ego and the inner world of unconscious. It is that portion of the self that we seek to hide, deny and repress. In analytic psychology, the shadow can leak out, can show itself in anger, depression, “Freudian slips”, anxieties, projections and other notions such as these. It is the unconscious part of the personality; contains weaknesses & other aspects of personality that a person cannot admit to having; it contains the “unredeemed” unrecognized, neglected part of the self, our “skeletons” in our closet.

And the less conscious we are of it, the blacker & denser the shadow becomes. Why? because these psychic contents that we repress, deny or run away from can never be corrected, addressed.


How does the shadow (unconscious) communicate to the ego (conscious)? Through dreams, fantasies, spontaneous imageries, slips of the tongue, and, through projections. Projection is a process of seeing your own unconscious characteristics, talents, faults in others and acting, behaving, accordingly. It is a normal & natural process that can be either positive or negative. Always accompanied by strong emotional reaction to a person object or situation. Example: falling in love (having a crush) as different from stable marital kind of love – where one is enamoured by characteristics or traits in the other which  are either found in oneself but unrecognized or simply lacking in strength.

Worst case scenario of shadowed egos (ie., the ego had been overtaken by shadows, repressed, denied, unaccepted and even rejected for a long time & taking over the ego): We are shocked to hear news of axe slayings, beheadings, shotgun murders, kidnappings, massacres of innocents students by snipers, etc. These are often done by young adults whose entire family & self are also destroyed. Vengeance? How are these murderers identified by those interviewed after the crime? They are “good” persons, kind, generous, law-abiding, charitable, religious; “the last person one would expect to do such a thing;” “I can’t believe it; I won’t believe it;” and “He was such a shining example; it simply cannot be.”


“The glory of God is man fully human,” said St. Ireneus. We thus need to be whole and holy to give glory to our Creator. We need to do our homework preparing a healthy psyche so that the pneuma may truly transform us from glory to glory.


1) Be aware of your shadows. Do not run away from them. If you are brave enough to withdraw your shadow projections – mostly in the form of unhealthy  Complaints, Comparisons, Criticisms, Sarcasm, Angry Words &,  Manipulative  Behaviour then you become aware of your shadows.

2) Check your emotions. Nope, you don’t control emotions. You control your reactions. In the same way you do not control the feeling of hunger. But what you do and how you do it – that is your responsibility.

3) Live in the Spirit. You have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. If you live through the power of the Spirit, you will live (Rom 8: 12 -13).

4) Rest your Shadows under  the Shadow of God’s Tree.  Submit your psyche, mind, your souls, unto the powerful hands of the Maker, let the Pneuma breathe into you His forgiving love. But first do your homework.  Seek professional help if need be; seek counselling.

At the end of every journey, take Jesus’ invitation seriously!

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.  – Mt 11:28

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CORPUS CHRISTI – June 14, 2020



A. Lanciano, Italy, ca. 700 A.D.

A priest from Lanciano, Italy, doubted the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. He was shown a miracle when during the consecration of the Mass, the bread became flesh; the wine turned into real blood.

Scientific Studies. A rigorous scientific analysis was performed in 1970-71 by Dr. Odorardo, University Professor in anatomy and pathological histology and in chemistry and clinical microscopy, Head Physician of the United Hospitals of Arezzo.  Prof. Linoli was assisted by Prof. Dr. Ruggero Bertelli, a Professor Emeritus of anatomy at the University of Siena. The research done on the fragments of the Blood and the Flesh yielded the following results:

  • The Blood: real blood and the Flesh is real flesh.
  • The Flesh: of the muscular tissue of the myocardium (heart wall).
  • The Blood and the Flesh belong to the human species.
  • The blood type is identical in the Blood and in the Flesh, type AB.
  • The proteins in the blood are in the same proportions as those found in normal fresh blood.
  • There is no trace whatsoever of any materials or agents used for preservation of flesh or blood.

B. Santarem, Portugal, 1247

A strange case: A host brought to a sorceress started to bleed… Fear overcame her and she went home and put the Host in a trunk, wrapped in her handkerchief and covered with clean linen. During the night she and her husband were awakened by a bright light coming from the trunk which illuminated the room. The wife told her husband of the incident and that the trunk contained a Consecrated Host. Both spent the night on their knees in adoration. A priest was called and took the Host back to the church and sealed it in melted beeswax.

C. Siena, Italy – 1330

A priest in Cassia, Italy was called to give communion to a sick person. Being in  a hurry, he improperly put the sacred host between the pages of his prayer book. Arriving at the house of the sick person, the priest was shocked to see the sacred host full of blood. It was later found out it was a miracle within a miracle: the profile of the face of Jesus could be seen imprinted in the sacred host. Up to this day the sacred host is preserved despite its exposure to natural elements.

D. Betania, Venezuela, 1991

This miracle occurred during Mass in Betania, Venezuela, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1991. A Consecrated Host, truly the flesh of Our Lord, began to bleed. A subsequent medical team concluded that the material extruded from the Host was blood of human origin. The local bishop declared it a sign of transubstantiation saying, “God is trying to manifest to us that our faith in the consecrated Host is authentic.”

Science, when called to testify, has confirmed what we have believed in Faith and what the Catholic Church has taught for the last 2,000 years; echoing the words of Christ, “My Flesh is real food; my Blood real drink.  Whoever eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood dwells continually in Me and I dwell in him.“-John 6:56-57


If ever there is one great trait of the Filipino we can speak of, it is the Filipino’s being Eucharistic. The marks of Eucharistic spirituality are our “jewels in the rags,” to borrow Fr. Horacio dela Costa’s phrase.


    We, Filipinos, are the 3rd Happiest People in Asia next to India. This is according to the annual results of the World Happiness Report (WHR) came out on 20 March 2020. When most of the world’s citizens are worried and fretful about convid 19 & the lockdown, we, Filipinos, have joy and peace — a deep sense of God’s love that overshadows us.


    The Filipino has a sense of community, a sense of family. Filipino Christians, here and abroad, love to stay together, closely. Almost everywhere in the world, where there is a Catholic church, there you’d find Filipinos if not singing in the choir, they just sit together, during Sunday masses.  We, Filipinos, are family related by faith.


    Our love for God is so deep. In times of success or joy, the Filipino gives thanks to God. In times of pain and suffering, he cries out to God for help and consolation. And finally at the hour of his death, he calls for a priest for the Last Rites.

    And we are famous around the world for our love for the Blessed Mother. We call her “Mama Mary” and “Mahal na Ina” or “Beloved Mother.” We are a love-celebrating people. Our fiestas, our sacramental and other celebrations are celebrations of multi-faceted relationships.


The Philippines is a Catholic nation — the only such nation in Asia — and this wonderful country exports missionaries around the world.

    We, Filipinos, can easily relate with God’s gift of the Eucharist because of the many inherent and acquired gifts we have.

    As God touches us through the Eucharist, we are a touching loving people too.  And we  not afraid to show it. We almost inevitably create human chains with our perennial akbay, hawak-kamay, yakap, kapit-bisig, himas, kalabit or kalong.

    The Eucharist is timeless. Filipinos are “timeless” too.  Except on very formal or official functions- we still measure time not with hours and minutes but with “feeling”. This style is ingrained deep in our psyche. Our time is diffused, not framed. Our appointments are defined by umaga, tanghali, hapon, or gabi.  A Filipino event has no clear-cut beginning or ending. We have a fiesta, but there is bisperas. The Filipino Christmas is not confined to December 25th; it begins months before December and extends up to the first days of January.  Notice too how we say good-bye to guests. Ika nga parang double-knit, laging nasasabit: goodbye sa comedor, goodbye sa sala, sa may pintuan, sa may hagdan, sa gate, at kung sasakay pa sa jeep, doon sa sakayan! Governed by  timelessness, we show how to find more time to be nice, kind, and accommodating.

    The Eucharist is “spaceless”. Filipinos are “spaceless” as well. As in the concept of time, our concept of space is not numerical. We will not usually express expanse of space with miles or kilometers but with feelings in how we say malayo or malapit. Alongside with numberlessness, Filipino space is also boundless. Indigenous culture did not divide land into private lots but kept it open for all to partake of its abundance. For example, the interior of the bahay-kubo:  receiving room, sleeping room, kitchen, dining room, chapel, wake parlor, etc. Depending on the time of the day or the needs of the moment. Notice how provincial folks dry palayan (rice grain) on the highways? Religious groups of various persuasions habitually and matter-of-factly commandeer the streets for processions and parades. Filipinos eat, sleep, chat, socialize, and even quarrel, nearly everywhere or just anywhere! “Spacelessness” can be unlawful and may really be counter-productive. But also it is just another manifestation of our spiritual and communal values. It counter balances humanity’s greed, selfishness and isolation.   

These traits plus many more make every Filipino an active agent of change in the world, an ambassador of the Eucharist to all the world. Let us be models and livers of the Eucharistic spirituality.