FEAST OF STO. NIÑO- January 16, 2022


The Power of The One Child

  It takes One Child to divide time. One Child to scatter the proud, and lift up the lowly. One Child to change the world forever. One Child to forgive every wrong thing we have ever done.

    One Child to make others do as He did. It takes One Child to make us a world of One Family. One Child to make us Believe, to inspire us to Love, to make us live with Hope.

    One Child to inspire every soul on earth, to live a life of commitment. It takes One Child, to embolden us to live and die for our Faith.

    It takes One Child, to hold this World together.

That is the Power of this One Child.

    And His One Life Story is repeated and mirrored in various ways in the lives of different Children of different races in different circumstances.

    Such is the amazing power of this One Child!

In this lecturette, we hope to demonstrate the Power of the One Story of the Holy Child on our Individual stories. We shall show that children can have the capacity to pattern their personal life stories after this One Story of Jesus. Let us be inspired, challenged and renewed by the Power of One.


The Power of this Holy Child empowers us to Thank God and Forgive our Enemies.

Namrata Nayak is a 10-year-old Dalit from the village of Sahi Panchayat, near Raikia (district of Kandhamal, Orissa).

 At the outbreak of violence against the Christians, the little girl’s face was disfigured by a bomb thrown by Hindu extremists. After 45 days in the hospital, she has healed, and is happy. Namrata says she’s thanking Jesus for giving her life. Just a fourth-grader, Namrata, told UCA News she forgives her attackers and wants to be a preacher to preach Jesus to her enemies, not just her friends. “It was our enemies who made me courageous and committed,” she explained.

Can you be thankful and forgiving, too, like Namrata, amidst your problems and difficulties in your young life?  Yes, you can! But Only In The Power Of One.


The Power of this Holy Child empowers us to be Witnesses of Jesus and Suffer and Die for Him

James Jeda, 10

Islamic soldiers forced James Jeda, a 10 year old boy and a Christian, to gather wood for a fire. The soldiers pressure him to convert to Islam. When he refuses, he is thrown to the burning wood he collected and left to die. He narrates, “They told me I would be released if I became a Muslim. I told them that was not possible. I am a Christian. So they threw me on the fire.” He escapes but the scars remain. A reminder of his sacrifice.

Rikka, a teenager, goes to Bible Camp. On the second day, the students are attacked. One of the attackers secures her hands behind her back while another holds a piece of broken glass to her stomach. She’s told to deny Christ. She narrates, “I did not answer him, so he pressed the glass harder against me. Do you believe your God can help you? I said, Yes!” Gripped with fear, she cries out, “Help me, Lord, I do not want to deny you!”

Rikka, Indonesia

    Every day, thousands of Christians are persecuted, for their faith. In over 40 nations around the globe our family is assaulted for their testimony of Jesus Christ. In most instances, the persecution could have been averted if they simply denied Christ. But they didn’t. And they won’t.

In Sudan, an Islamic army is set on Jihad, or Holy War. It has systematically targeted Christians. Most of them, children and young people, scarred for life, for Jesus.

Just look at these brave Pakistani Christian children. This photo was taken right after the October 8, 2005, earthquake in Pakistan.

    They were in prayer vigil for the victims. AsiaNews reports in their website that 2005, was the worst year for Pakistani Christians. These children were so brave and joyful, they were not afraid to be killed for their faith!

Are you ready to face persecution, like James Jeda of Sudan, and Rikka of Indonesia? Can you be joyful amidst trials like these children? Can you still hold out your Light amidst the darkness of the world? Yes, you can. But Only In The Power Of One.


The Power of this Holy Child empowers us to Act on His Word Now

Bilaal Rajan

Bilaal Rajan (born September 7, 1996, in Toronto, Canada) is a fundraiser, motivational speaker, author, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Canada’s child ambassador, and founder of the Making Change

Now organization. Rajan began fundraising when he was four years old, selling clementines (oranges) door-to-door in his neighborhood to raise C$350 in funds for the victims of the earthquakes in the Gujarat province of India in 2001. He later sold handmade plastic plates to raise $1,200 for HIV/Aids orphans, sold cookie boxes to raise over $6,000 for the affected people and children of Hurricane-devastated Haiti, raised $50,000 for the victims of the tsunami in south-east Asia, and more than $50,000 for the World Partnership Walk. In 2004, Rajan launched the Canada Kids Earthquake Challenge for the Canadian National Committee, raising the total funds for tsunami relief to around $1.8 million. To date, he has raised over $5 million for various causes, and in March 2005 he was chosen as an official ambassador for UNICEF. Websites: http://bilaalrajan.com; http://makingchangenow.com

Kung kaya nila, kaya mo rin!

Kaya natin! Anak yata tayo ng Diyos!

God bless you! ♥