2nd Sunday of Advent – A December 8, 2019



Comfortably Numb: The Frog Experiment

        A frog is a cold-blooded animal. And humans are warm-blooded so our body burns energy or perspires to maintain same 98.6º F. The cold-blooded frog’s body temperature goes up and down with the temperature of its surroundings. Although frogs love water, when you hold it over a pot of boiling water the frog becomes very uncomfortable. It climbs to get away from it.

        When placed in water in room temperature (69.4º F) the frog is comfortable. If you turn the burner on low flame, his body temperature will adjust and slowly he will heat up with the water. When you slowly raise the water temperature 80º F, the frog would maintain the same temperature  as the water and would be comfortable. Even if you turn up the burner slowly again, he would not notice it because  he would continue to change to be the same as his surroundings.

        The frog, sitting comfortably in a slowly changing environment, does not recognize the  danger he is in. He just keeps going along with the changes in his surroundings.

        Eventually, we could turn up the burner to a deadly boil!  He would just keep trying to adjust with it. By the time he realizes that his environment is killing him, it is too late! 

He won’t notice the time because he just keeps changing himself to go along with the changes  in his surroundings.

Are you already comfortably numb?

Very Simple Messages:


1. We can grow comfortably numb when we sit on our sins for too long. Not only does the values of this world change from one blindness to another; these values attempt to change us! Blinding us eventually.

2. Spiritual Numbness is numbness to SIN. This is the greatest obstacle to making our paths straight! How could we correct something that we perceive to be right in the first place?

3. Spiritual Numbness obstructs our Vision of God in the true Faith. This is what brings one to say, albeit, unknowingly, ignorantly, or even temporarily, ” Pare-pareho lang naman ang ating Diyos na sinasamba. “

4. Spiritual Numbness brings about Sloth. The deadly sin of being too lazy to believe that there is more to life than just our physical earthly life. 


1. Acknowledge your sins.

2. Accept God’s Forgiving Love.

3. Amend your life.


1. Remember that there is no mark of sin in our past that God cannot erase. Be reconciled wit Him!

2. As God forgives you, so also be forgiving to others. Help others in their effort to start anew.

God bless you po!