In Your Most Holy Name, O Lord Jesus + Christ, my King and my God, I solemnly declare this act of abandonment of all forms of ownership, (on behalf of N.), of all occult or non-occult objects, hidden or in the open, known or unknown to me (to N.) , that had been sent a curse through spitting, through the evil eye, through verbal or written curses, through taglocking curses and through binding.

I sever all physical and spiritual ties and bondages to all these objects which are directly or indirectly infested through superstitions and ungodly beliefs, whether they were used actively or passively in occult, esoteric, or satanic practices for whatever ends or purposes, by wizards or warlocks, by witches or practitioners of magick, or by anyone person proficient or amateur in the practice of spell casting or hex binding.

O Lord, my God, through this solemn avowal annihilate all the demonic authority and power that is being mediated through these visible or invisible objects of preternatural infestation, oppression, obsession or possession, whether they are manufactured with gold, silver, any metal, made with gems, crystals or any mineral element, made on paper or cloth, created with threads or the bones and nails of humans or animals, of birds or insects, both living and dead, whether they come from the earth, or from a tomb, or come from seas or rivers, from enchanted sacred places like mountains or forests, whether they have been created by human hands or by nature with the purpose of being worshipped as gods or goddesses or any preternatural representations, or whether they have been wrapped with a nail or a needle or a pin, which have been linked with a hair, cotton or silk and linen or hemp or with a sac or with a rope and with some other plant, or have been mixed the evil-caster’s saliva, blood or any bodily fluids, or bound by or mixed with any of my (of N’s) personal belongings, or have been made with the boiling or gurgling of the water, or oil, and wood hollow or otherwise.

O Lord, my God, I solemnly declare my (N’s) release from every form of spiritual attachment, cord, yoking, spiritual oppression, curse and condemnation that had formed and connected itself to me (N.) through the preternatural mediation of these infested objects, wherever they may be right now or wherever they will be in the future, hidden or in the open, and wherever or who so ever may take possession of these objects either through donation, trade, barter, or by buying or selling, or through chance or intentional foraging.

| I totally cut my (N’s) rightful and legal ownership of these objects and willfully and freely surrender these objects and all their evil effects and infuences, known or unkonwn, on me (N.) and on others to Your merciful hands, O Lord, my King and my God. | (3x)

O Lord, Jesus † Christ, my King and my God, through the prayer of all the Saints and the Mother of God, grant me (N.) Your peace and have mercy on me (him/ her), Merciful One. Amen.♥