26th Sunday OT – A – Sept 27 2020

Mt 21:28-32


God constantly tests our faithfulness by inviting us to carry out His will. In so doing, we exercise our responsible use of freedom. We either say “yes” or “no” to His will. Many reduce their response to just nice words. In today’s Gospel parable Jesus emphasizes that what matters most is what we say with our actions. Let us examine the Anatomy of Freedom we all aspire for in order that we may all be discerning of the many eternal manipulations around us.

I. Etymology

Ama-gi, in cunieform (above) is an ancient Sumerian word thought to mean “freedom“; believed to be the first expression of the concept in the history of writing. Literally translated, it means “return to the mother”, because the former slaves were “returned to their mothers” (i.e., freed). The English word “freedom” comes from an Indo-European root  and Old English “frēon” that means “to love.” This is the same root for friend, “frēond.” Note that both meanings connote “love.”

II. Definition

Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will, to act or not to act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one’s own responsibility.  (Catechism of Catholic Church,no.1731). It consists in favourable living circumstances, i.e., freedom realized in the circumstances around the individual (external) and the freedom which lies  within oneself (internal).

III. The Anatomy of Freedom

There is no question that freedom is something good in itself. The more freedom the better! But what are the kinds of freedom? And how do they come into play in the making of a Christian choice? (These types are the ones proposed by an American Thomist who is not a Catholic: Mortimer Adler. Fr Wilder, OP, my philosophy professor in Rome added adeontic freedom.)

General: External and Internal Aspects

External Freedom concerns circumstances outside the individual. The Internal Freedom concerns the core, most fundamental elements inside the heart of the individual. In this outline, we start from out to in, external to internal. The numberings will facilitate our discussion.

External Freedom

Circumstantial Freedom (Physical) is the availability of good things in the world in which you find yourself (physical freedom), i.e., if you have food available to you enjoy the freedom to eat and to enjoy the food! If you are not confined to a jail, you have the freedom to move around. If you have the availability of good music in your environment, you have the freedom of enjoying it. These physical objects in your circumstances constitute a very important freedom.

But there is another freedom in the context of circumstantial freedom which we now add to Adler’s division:

3º Adeontic Freedom. (from Gk., a+deontos, without+duty) is the kind of freedom from being obliged to do something. When I’ve prepared my lessons, done my prayers, done my exercises, when I’ve visited the sick brother in the house, I have fulfilled all the things that I’m obliged to do, I have 10 minutes maybe wherein nothing is

obliging me to do something more, i.e., the weight of obligation to which I must respond is not impinging upon me.

The freedom to listen to Mozart or Led Zeppelin, or to read the History of Armenia, or go for a walk and watch rabbits in the garden, that kind of freedom is what adeontic freedom is all about, that which consists in my not being obliged to do anything. It is freedom from something in order to be free for other things. This is also a genuine good. Not to say that the things I must do are not goods in themselves as well, but I am simply free not to respond in this case.

Internal Freedom

There is an internal freedom of two types:

2º Acquired Freedom. This is freedom to act easily according to what is impinging upon me, a kind of disposition to act easily according to the way I should, depending on the virtues, values, principles I acquired in life. This is an essential component in decision making because it  involves the probing, testing, the processing of the choices I am inclined to make with my:

1º Innate Freedom. Thisis the freedom of Free Choice which is the ability to choose this or that, to do something whether it is obligatory or non-obligatory, from one’s own initiative in such a way that one is not forced and one spontaneously does it. Very important: Obviously, these innate freedom MUST be subordinated and coordinated  with the Acquired freedom, otherwise, there will be no rational basis for any choice!

IV. Application

Let’s see how the process is applied to the Gospel Parable of Jesus. The first son was asked by his father to go to work in his vineyard, the son first says:

►”NO!” – 1º Innate Freedom – his initial reaction. Karapatan niyang sumot ng “No,” probably, instinct, raw and quick, like a predator choosing a weaker pack animal for prey over the quickest and strongest.

►Initially, he skips 2º Acquired Freedom! That was a wrong move! Kaya:

“I don’t have to work today,” maybe he thought to himself.  – 3º Adeontic Freedom – He wanted to be freed from something irresponsibly misusing adeontic freedom.

►”I have other higher paying jobs available!” – Again, maybe he thought to himself. – 4º Circumstantial Freedom –  obviously, the logical conclusion is not to go.

BUT, what happened after some thought was that, unlike the second son who said YES but did not go, this 1st son re-processed his initial choice of “NO,” subjecting it to 2º Acquired Freedom’s processing: maybe he realized later on: “Hey, but I love my dad! What am I doing?” Thus, he changed course!

WARNING: Our Circumstantial and Adeontic freedoms are easy targets of manipulations by people, especially those  who have the glory, gold and the guns. It is no secret that some politicians may even enact laws offering wider and bigger room for the exercise of material, physical circumstantial freedom of choice (albeit couched in deceptive legal jargon) to stimulate the raw instinct of the people’s innate freedom to choose without the due process and benefit of the Acquired Freedom. Imminent Laws like these should be critically examined! Any enacted law (even when adjudged by the Supreme Court as morally binding) that offers negative forms of freedom that confuse freedom with license and legal availability of unethical physical, medical and intellectual procedures in utter disregard of the fact that freedom is Virtue-centered, Value-oriented, and rooted in Responsible Love is not morally binding by Christian Standards. MAG BANTAY TAYO ng KONSIYENSA!

25th Sunday Ordinary Time – A September 20, 2020


11th Hour Syndrome – A distinctive or characteristic pattern of behavior marked by discontent and resentment aroused by the desire for the blessings, advantages and qualities generously bestowed another (usually at the latest possible time, or the 11th hour).


Answered Prayer Stage. “Go and work in my vineyard!” Fortunate to have  been blessed by opportunities and chances. Not easy to wait this long. Not easy to find work. All’s well stage. Thankfully counting one’s gifts. People are good. Gratitude.

Wow stage. At the end of the day, seeing the 11th hour workers first to receive their agreed pay, say P350.00, we can imagine them saying: “Wow, super bait talaga ni Boss. Kahit isang oras lang sila nag-trabaho, may pamilya’t mga anak din naman sila.” Even more gratitude for having a Boss who is extra-generous to and sensitive to the needs of other less fortunate individuals. Admiration. Happiest.


Ano ito!? /What is this!? Stage. They were the happiest people in the world until the Boss gave them the P300.00 they agreed upon. They immediately lost all their joy and admiration for the goodness of the Boss.


Marks of an unhappy person

1. Comparing 2. Complaining 3. Criticizing 4. Competing

In the end Unhappy people cannot accept the situation they are in. Hindi ko matatanggap yan! Unfair! Justice needs to be served! In reality Unhappy People exhibit Non-Self Acceptance behavior.

ADVANCED STAGE of 11th Hour Disorder

5 Symptoms of Non-Self Acceptance

1. Boasting – glorifying oneself in speech (self is norm for comparison)   -name-dropping   -basking on reflected glories

2. Rigidity – lacking in flexibility, exacting, demanding, “idealistic” kuno -Over-reaction to the wow stage: walang charity-charity. Kung meron man “structured” and “exacting” charity dapat

3. Search for superficial Joys – unhappy people run away from problems and difficulties  -bawiin ko na lang sa kain   -material things (bribe oneself or others) -resort to pseudo-religious therapy: speaking in tongues, crying marathons

4. Domineering Character   -gossiping (manipulating the lives of other) -bullying (siga-siga) and rudeness in behavior -suspicious of others (imputing bad intentions on others)

5. Inferiority Complex – is not being shy.

   – always comparing oneself to others is a sign of being extremely proud – afraid to make mistakes, kaya wag na lang aking magvolunteer, lie low lang ako, wag nalang magtaas ng kamay – may result to excessive aggressiveness through overcompensation – O.A. to make up for psychological or emotional defect.


♥ Count your blessings.

Counting your blessings primarily means thanking God for what, in His Wisdom and Omniscience, He has not given you.“Salamat, Lord, at hindi mo binibigay ang lahat ng aking gusto.”

♥ Let go of worries and anxieties.

Don’t quit and don’t quit counting your blessed memories. When the going gets rough, it is not easy to set one’s sights on past blessings. The immediate reaction is to focus on the issue or problem at hand. That’s okay. But don’t ease God out. Don’t give up your prayer-reflection time. Persevere during those moments of quiet when God communicates with you. With patience and perseverance, you will soon realize that what God effectively infuses in your soul are not necessarily answers and solutions to your concerns but memories and recollections of Who He has always been in your life! Learn to capture these remembering moments by making your memory space available.

♥ Be aware of the dangers of Comparisons.

Learn to lift up some of your worries. Studies indicate that the acute stress[1] impairs short-term memory, particularly verbal memory. If stress becomes chronic,[2] sufferers often lose concentration at work and home, and they may become inefficient and accident-prone. While lifting your small and big concerns to God in prayer, it may be good to seek professional assistance when worries and anxieties are bogging you down for a long time, with your short and long term memory already being affected.

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road  and enjoy the journey. -Babs Hoffman

♥ Go for contentment. Discipline of your desires and eliminate unhealthy biases.

Rabbi Schachtel says, “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.” This makes sense! The idea, however, is not to prevent you from dreaming big. The idea is to balance your desires vis-a-vis what you already have, what you can achieve, with a recognition and acceptance of what is superfluous and unreasonable and thus deserves letting go.

Psychologists warn of “Is-this-all-there-is” syndrome, a feeling of utter discontentment left in the hearts of those who have achieved wealth, status or glory. Remember that a chronic lack of contentment driven by the need to achieve can trivialize special relationship moments. It’s like remembering your material blessings and totally ignoring the Giver. It’s being concerned about the dent in your car than the bruises obtained by your wife in that little accident.[3] Ano ka ba? Discipline and balance your desires. Desire for meaningful relationships; life is nothing but personal relationships after all. And you know what? Healthy relationships actually improve memory!


[1] Acute stress, the most common form of stress, comes from demands and pressures of the recent past and anticipated demands and pressures of the near future, says the American Psychological Association. It further elaborates: “Acute stress is thrilling and exciting in small doses, but too much is exhausting. A fast run down a challenging ski slope, for example, is exhilarating early in the day. That same ski run late in the day is taxing and wearing. Skiing beyond your limits can lead to falls and broken bones. By the same token, overdoing on short-term stress can lead to psychological distress, tension headaches, upset stomach, and other symptoms.” (Source: http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/stress-kinds.aspx)

[2] Chronic stress is the response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged period. It comes when a person never sees a way out of a miserable situation. It’s the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures for seemingly interminable periods of time. With no hope, the individual gives up searching for solutions.

[3] It’s really sad when your child spends more valuable “meaningful” time with his computer gadget, which he considers his best friend. A father I met even communicates more with his dog than his children! Mabuti pa raw si Brownie, binabati ni daddy ng “good morning,” says his teenage son. Sad!


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