20th Sunday OT – A – August 16, 2020


    Paunang Salita. Although Jesus is the Savior of all mankind, his earthly mission was confined to the people of Israel. Occasionally, however, as we learn from today’s Gospel passage (Mt 15:21-28, see parallel acct. in Mark 7:24-30), where Jesus heals a Canaanite or Syrophoenician woman’s daughter, He knew how to make an exception, thereby showing that He was, indeed, the Savior of Jews and non-Jews alike. We examine the growth of this woman’s faith in this single episode of Jesus’ miraculous healing.

    Difficult Passage. Admittedly, this is a troubling passage. Could Jesus have really thought of denying the healing of a little girl? Did He succumb to the discriminatory attitudes of the Jews of His time by referring to the Canaanites as “dogs”?

    Christians through the centuries have tried to sweeten or domesticate it, for example, by pointing out that the Greek word translated here as “dogs” (kunarion) literally means “small dogs,” that is, puppies or house dogs. Well, a dog is a dog big or small, askal or house pet.

    Truth to Tell. A more productive approach here is not to domesticate or tame this scriptural passage but to embrace it as a moment in which the Kingdom of Heaven breaks opens and becomes more inclusive, a moment in which we are reminded that no one is outside the embrace of God.

    Miracle Pattern. I believe that a pattern of few to many (5 loaves, 2 fish to 12 baskets full of leftovers), of nothing to overflowing (no wine to best wine, Cana), exclusive to inclusive (Jews only to Gentile populace as well), was employed by the evangelists again in the light of God’s inxsability (the ability of God to provide abundantly.)



‘The word proactive was originally coined by the psychiatrist Victor Frankl in his 1946 book Man’s Search for Meaning to describe a person who took responsibility for his or her life, rather than looking for causes in outside circumstances or other people.

Being proactive:

  • Means taking initiative: the woman approached Jesus despite the odds vs. her
  • Means that as a human being you take responsibility for your own life: response + ability
  • Means that your behavior is a product of your own decisions based on values rather than being a product of your own conditions based on feelings.

To be PROACTIVE is to act and not be acted upon.

This is true despite widely accepted theories of determinism used to explain human nature.


Determinism says that you don’t really choose anything; your choices are automatic responses to outside conditions and stimuli.

 Three different types of Determinisms:

1. Genetic: Your grandparents did this to you! It runs in the blood!

2. Psychic: Your parents did this to you! They brought you up this way!

3. Environmental: Your boss, selfish spouse, your bratty son, or the economics of life –you’re born into poverty; the government, etc.

If you wrap your emotional life around the weaknesses of another person, you empower those weaknesses to control you.


  • Are stuck in these determinisms and say:
  • I can’t possibly do it!
  • I don’t have time but I have to.
  • I am what other people made of me.
  • I am just what people expect of me.
  • Dapat kasi eh/ Ikaw kasi eh…
  • SANA pala ayon na lang…
  • Wala akong magawa eh, talagang ganito na ako.
  • Don’t take responsibility for their own life
  • Have a “Victimized” mentality: they let yesterday hold today & tomorrow hostage.
  • Have a Blaming attitude; always in a Love-Hate relationship
  • Filled with anger and resentments towards parents, relatives, people of the past
  • Just living out what has been scripted for them by others; sometimes even attributing these scripts to “God’s will” or “will ni Lord.”
  • Are into the 4 emotional cancers of life:
  • Complaining,Comparing,Criticizing,Competing (Avoid these!)
    • Have a Scarcity Mentality.
    • Their only sense of self-worth comes from other people’s opinions of them.
    • What matters is how they compare with other people. Thus, a very limited view of themselves.

Freedom = condition of the person: the internal power to exercise the options.

Liberty = condition of the environment.

It is not what happens to us but our response to what happens that shapes our existence.


Catholic comes from the Gk katholikos, the combination of two words: kata- concerning, and holos- whole, all. It means universal. (This combination appears in Act 9:31 The church throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria was at peace.) However, St. Ignatius of Antioch was the first to use the name Catholic Church in his Letter to the Smyrnaeans in107 AD: “Wherever the bishop is, let the people be there; just as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.”

This indicated: 1) that the name “Catholic” used to designate Jesus’ Church was apparently not something new. St. Ignatius felt no need to explain or defend the name pointing to an earlier year for the beginning of the name Catholic. Thus we posit the beginning of the name “Catholic” to the 1st c.; 2) that since Ignatius was from Antioch where the followers of Jesus were first called “Christians” (see Acts 11:26) – he knew better! The name was in use even before he wrote it;  3) that Jesus and the Catholic Church are united as one: Jesus is always found with the Catholic Church. Jesus’ command: “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations … teaching them … all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age” (Mt 28:19, 20).  Notice the 3-fold —all nations, all things, all days. The Catholic attitude is a Welcoming Attitude! Simbahang bukas sa lahat ng tao,  that he might have mercy upon all (1st rdg, Rom 11:32.)


Pray unceasingly.” – 1 Thes 5: 17

We are encouraged to ‘pray at all times’. Prayer is part of our daily lives. No matter what we are doing – whether going off to work, in meetings, driving our kids around, at home doing housework, out playing sports. Whatever we do each day, we can still pray. It should be natural conversation with God throughout our day. Yes, there are times when we need to set aside other things to ‘pray’, but mostly we can pray throughout the day. God bless! ♥

19th Sunday OT A August 9, 2020


Itong nagdaan na panahon, napaka raming psycho-social issues ang naglutangan, sa personal at societal levels. Bukod pa sa obvious na depression at anxiety attacks sa karamihan ng tao, meron ding hatred attacks.

May mga makakakpatid at mag-iina o mag-aama na imbes na maging malapit during lockdown, ay lalung naging malayo sa isa’t isa. At worse, nagiging mga magka-away. Parang totoo nga yata yung over familiarity may breed contempt ano? Meron pa ngang mga magkakapatid na nag sasampahan ng criminal cases against each other dahil sa negosyo.

Sa bigger societal issues naman, marami nang nagtatanong nagyong nasa pandemic crisis tayo kung totoo at sinsero ang pangagalaga ng mga may kapangyarihan sa kalayaan, katarungan, kapayapaan at kapakanan o well-being ng lahat ng mamamayan. Bakit parang kinakalaban pati ang taong-bayan? Sa ibang lugar, yung akala mong patay na ang racism sa mga nagdaang panahon, nanahimik lang pala at nabuhay na namang muli – para ma-threaten ang pagkaka-isa ng isang pamayanan. Pambihira. Kababayan, Kaibigan, o Kapatid mo ngayon. Malupit na Kaaway mo bukas. Ano ba yan!

Friends. Enemies. Put them together and you get “Frenemies.” The word “frenemy,” which originated in 1977, was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2009. It defines a frenemy as one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.

√ The Urban Dictionary describes the frenemy as “the type of ‘friend’ whose words or actions bring you down (whether you realize it as intentional or not), The type of friend you ought to cut off but don’t because they’re nice, and ‘good,’ as in, you’ve had good times with them. Well, they’re ‘good’ people that you can count on to bring you down again sometime in the near future.” (urbandictionary.com)

In some inspired and even romantic occasions, the frenemy can say “I can do anything for love of you.” well, that is, “until further notice.”  But of course that last bit remains unspoken.  And if you’re not carefully discerning, you can end up marrying your frenemy!

Thus, a frenemy can be an enemy disguised as a friend, a lover or, worst, a sibling or even a parent. It can also be a close acquaintance who is a competitor or rival.

Think of Batman and Catwoman in DC Comics. Or of Tom and Jerry, of Tweety and Sylvester, of Elmer and Bugs Bunny. Or think of marriages that start off sweet and end up bitter,  or worst, violent. These relationships can be mutually beneficial, but they are also highly competitive and saturated with risk and mistrust.

The Bible is filled with frenemies, starting with the book of Genesis.  Think of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel,  or Abram and Lot, or Sarah and Hagar, or Esau and Jacob. And there’s Jacob and Laban. And now, as we read in our 1st reading, Joseph and his brothers.

Notice how often these frenemies are members of the same family. One bible scholar begins an article in a biblical journal by saying that “Genesis is a book about  dysfunctional families.”

Let us have a closer look at the issue of frenemies and see how we can sanely, safely and courageously cross beyond frenemy lines, and find peace even amidst stormy waters.

►Aha, sa aking pakilasa malaki ang kinalaman ng family dynamics na kinalakihan ng tao sa pagharap niya sa love-hate relationships niya sa buhay. At mukahang ang breeding ground ng frenemies ay ang maga dysfunctional familes.  ◄


Dysfunctional Families seem to breed frenemies.

The  frenemy lines becomes  especially evident near the end of Genesis, when the 12 sons of Jacob fall into a bitter rivalry.  Jacob loved one of his sons,  17-year-old Joseph, “more than any other of his children, because he was the son of his old age;  and he had made him a long robe with sleeves.”

  You can easily imagine how this favoritism went over with Joseph’s brothers. Genesis tells us that, “when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him.” No brotherly love in this situation. Instead, brotherly hate. They were frenemies.

This antagonism boils over one day, when father Jacob, also known as Israel,  sends Joseph to some distant fields, to see how his brothers are doing with the flock.

The brothers see Joseph from a distance and immediately conspire to kill him. But even within their ranks, they cannot come up with a unanimous opinion.  Brother Reuben convinces them not to kill him, but merely throw him into a pit. So they grab Joseph, strip him of his precious robe with sleeves and throw him into a waterless pit. Then they sit down to eat. As the brothers are munching their lunch, they see a caravan of Ishmaelites coming from Gilead, carrying a  load of gum, balm and resin to Egypt.

Brother Judah says, “Come, let us sell him to the Ishmaelites,  and not lay our hands on him,  for he is our brother, our own flesh.” The brothers nod in agreement,  draw Joseph out of the pit, and sell him to the Ishmaelites for 20 pieces of silver. And the traders take Joseph to Egypt.

Hatred is the frenemy factor.   In his book The Family and  Pastoral Care, Herbert Anderson writes that “probably in no other context of human life does our sinfulness show as clearly as it does, in the family.”

According to The Washington Post, psychologists have studied the social science behind hatred and found evidence that people are hard-wired to judge each other.

Often, our judgments are harshest toward the people closest to us because we resent or envy the advantages they seem to have over us.

We label them totally undesirable and try to knock them down in order to build ourselves up.  “

►Sa totoo lang, hate can feel so good, kasi ito ang paraan para majustify ang maraming unhealthy fears natin. Ayoko ngang ma-isahan, ayoko nga ma-argabyado, ayoko ngang malamangan o manakawan. Noong makita ko yung nang loob sa kumbento at simbahan namin sa cctv, natakot ako kasi paano kung saktan pa kami o sunugin ang simbahan? Tapos, unti-unti nagdedevelop ang hatred ko sa gumawa nito. Mabuti na lang nabantayan ko! Hate ko ginawa ng taong ito pero hindi ang salarin. At kung hindi tayo maalam, we will pay hatred towards another person with our eternal life, unless we know how, sa ngayon pa lang habang fear pa lang yan, we can go beyond frenemy lines. Tignan natin si Peter sa kaniyang journey  conquering his fear.



1 º DISCOVER that there is a power at work in your life that is bigger and stronger than hatred as  Joseph did.

Joseph discovers this many years later, after he has risen to power in Egypt. Later on, in an act of forgiveness and reconciliation Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgives them.

The only fire-extinguisher that will work on hate is FORGIVENESS.

BELIEVE that God can transform an act of hatred into love. He took a horrible misdeed, and used it to start a chain of events that would save a large number of people. Joseph realizes that the rule of God is much more important than his own rule as the governor of Egypt.


We can forgive and use it when a coworker undermines us, a friend disappoints us, a classmate gossips about us, or a romantic partner hurts us. The truth about the offense must be named, such as Joseph did when he said to his brothers, “You intended to do harm to me.” But it is equally important to release them from the offense, as Joseph did when he spoke kindly to them and said, “Have no fear” (50:19-21).

Easier said than done, alam ko.

Pero kasi Faith ang context nito! Ang hirap kasing pagusapan ang forgiveness kung magre-rely lang tayo sa human qualities natin. Mailap ang usapin ng evil, may evil covid na nga jan sa labas may evil pa ring ginagawa  ang tao sa isa’t isa; mailap ang usaping justice; justice ba ay maa-achieve kung alam kong na-lethal injection na ang pumatay sa mga magulang ko? Mailap ang usaping love; love mo ba ako kung hindi pala kita pwedeng pagsabihan na mali ang ginagawa mo; at kung i-ko-correct kita ay babansagan mo akong terorista? Mailang ang usaping forgiveness dahil may hangganan ang makataong pagtitiis; mailap ang inter-personal harmony at communion, kasi magkaka-iba tayo ng pinanggagalingan, iba’t iba ang family upbringing natin.

Mga usapin ng evil, justice, love, and forgiveness. Kulang ang paliwanag ng tao dito; kulang ang makataong pagbabalanse between evil and love. Between justice and forgiveness. Dahil kung pamantayan lang ng mundo ang gagamitin, magwawagi lagi ang evil and our brand of human justice. Kinakaibigan natin tuloy ang mga maling gawain, ang mga gawa ng divination, mga okultong paniniwala, kinakaibigan natin ang kasinungalingan at paglilinlang. Mga bagay na sa tagal ng panahon ay inakala nating kaibigan ng kaluluwa natin  nguni’t ang totoo’y kaaway pala.

Nguni’t tandaan natin kung saan nagharap-harap ang  evil, justice, love at forgiveness: sa Krus ng ating Panginoong Hesus. At ang nagwagi ay ang love and forgiveness. Jesus had crossed those frenemy lines for us, by extinguishing evil and conquering human injustice with love and  forgiveness.


18th Sunday OT–A August 2, 2020


Is 55:1-3;Ps 145;Rom 8:35.37-39;Mt 14:13-21


Ang dami na nating na tutunan sa Unibersidad ng Buhay. Tagpi-tagpi at tahi-tahi ang mga kurso nito. Minsa’y nakakalito na! Isang halimbawa si Juan. Si Juan ay relihiyosong tao.  Pinoy kasi. √Naniniwala siyang galing kay Lord  ang kaniyang mga blessings tulad  ng kaniyang kabuhayan. Ayan ang kaniyang  natutunan sa Religion class niya nnong bata pa siya. Nuong managinip si Juan ng  masarap na mangga – Psychology ‘yun.  Nuong nag-tanim si Juan ng buto ng mangga – Agriculture naman ‘yun.  Nuong nag-dasal si Juan na sana ay umulan naman nang madiligan ang kaniyang tinanim – Spirituality ‘yun.  Nuong umulan dahil dininig ni Lord si Juan – Theology  na ‘yun! Nuong kumakalam ang sikmura ni Juan sa kahihintay na mahinog at  mahulog ang mangga mula sa puno  – Biology ‘yun. √ Nuong sungkitin ni Pidrong kapit-bahay ang mga mangga ni Juan bago ito mahulog  – Physics  na ‘yun. Advanced Physics pa nga siguro, dahil pinangunahan ang law of gravity. Nuong magulat si Juan dahil na-unahan na siya ni Pidro, at nagsimula na ang  inter-actions nilang magkapit bahay – ito na ang simula ng Sociology. Nuong nagdahilan si Pidro na may karapatan siya sa mga mangga na nasa mga sangang lumagpas na sa bakuran niya – dito na  pumapasok ang Law. Nuong namagitan si Carding sa  pag-tatalo ni Juan at ni Pidro,  Political Science na ‘ata ‘yun.  Nuong sila ay mag-pasyang maghatian na lang sa mga bunga ng mangga  – usapang Ethics o Morality na ‘yun. Nuong humingi si Carding ng 10% sa mga ani nila Juan at Pidro matapos niyang maayos ang pag-tatalo –  Advanced Math  & Taxation na rin ‘ata ‘yung maituturing.  Nuong ibini-benta na ni Juan ang kaniyang mga mangga – Economics na yun. Masaya si Juan dahil marami at  magaganda ang kaniyang mga mangga. Ngunit nang napansin ni Pidro na nagka- dayaan sila sa hatian ng mga mangga, dahil ang ibingay sa kaniya ni Juan ay mas kakaunti at bulok ahh….World War III  na ‘yan! Primatology  ang kurso niyan! ‘Yung pag-aaral baga ng mga Unggoy. Bumabalik ang primal instincts ni Juan for survival…kailangan makalamang…kailanganang mangdaya…Bakit? “Akin naman ito talaga eh! May karapatan ako at hindi ako dapat kapusin!” Kapusin? Hmmm kung iisipin malayo na ang narating ni Juan sa kurso ng buhay, pero ang layo rin kaya ng pandaraya  sa kaniyang pagiging relihiyoso! Saan kaya napunta ang natutunan niya sa religion class niya noong una? Tulad ni Juan, tayo rin ay marahil na o-overwhelm sa mga kurso ng buhay. Ano ang quick fix natin? Para hindi mailto,  paghiwalayin ang relihiyon at ang ibang  bahagi ng buhay.

Magandang maitanong muli sa sarili ang tanong ni Pablo noong una pa, Ano ba o sino ba ang makapaghihiwalay sa atin sa pag-ibig ng Diyos. Una na sa lahat, hindi ang kakapusan o matinding pangangailangan.  Sa katunayan, labis-labis nga ang ibinibigay sa atin ng ating Diyos.

Ang lecturette na ito ay tungkol  sa kalabisan ng Diyos. Ito ang susi na magtatahi sa isang napakagandang tapiserya (tapestry) mula sa mga kurso ng ating buhay. Hari nawa, kapag naiisip natin ang  kalabisan ng ating Diyos… titigil na rin ang ating pang-daraya! Sana nga ‘no?


Inxsology (my own word) is the study of God’s excesses and abundance.

It looks at Creation under different scientific disciplines. Tignan natin.

Primatology. Counting together all the old world monkeys, the new world monkeys and the apes there are 264 known species.

Ichthyology. 28,000 known extant species of fish so far; 141 species are edible.

Ornithology. There are 16,000 species of birds.

Entomology. 1,017,018 species of insects. There are 1,462 recorded species of edible insects.  And there  are 1,000 species of butterflies.

Botany. 19,000 species of legume leaf vegetables; 270,000 species of flowers .There are even beautiful flowers in the desert!

Astronomy. The entire Milky Way galaxy numbers about 100 billion stars. And beyond the Milky Way there are 100 billion such galaxies that are known to exist.There are 8 planets in our solar system, and we currently know of 118 other planets orbiting other stars.  We know the earth has only 1 moon, but our solar system has in fact 166 moons!

Inxsology is indeed a study God’s creation! And in this creation we find an excess of very beautiful things. For example, Why do we have so many beautiful stars in the heavens? Why is there such a variety of beautiful flowers in the world? Are they really necessary? No, they are not. Are they an excess of beauty? Yes, they are. And why does God put beautiful flowers in the desert where nobody will ever see them? Just because God likes to give in excess.

And the fish in the deepest part of the sea, and the different birds in the thickest part of the forest-nobody will ever see them! Never mind. It pleases God to give good things in excess.


1º SA KAMAY NG DIYOS Ang maliit pinalalaki; ang malaki pinahahalagahan.

2º SA  PUSO NG DIYOS Ang mababaw pinalalalim; ang malalim isinasapuso.

3º SA BUHAY NG DIYOS Ang mali ay itinutuwid; ang tama’y isinasabuhay.

4º SA BIYAYA NG DIYOS Ang kulang ay pinupunan nang labis-labis kung ito ay ipinamamahagi.


1) God’s providence toward His people is universal in extent.

In today’s gospel (Matt 14,: 1 ;3-21), Jesus feeds the 5,000 men (not counting the women and children) from only five loaves of bread and a couple of fish, and the leftovers filled twelve baskets! Why such excess? The only answer is because God is excessively good to all people.

All things work together for the good of those who love God!  – Rom 8:28

All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come, receive grain and eat. Come, without paying and without cost, drink wine and milk!  Is 55:1

2. God’s Providence only passes through the door of His Presence.

Remember when Mary, the sister of Martha, pour perfume oil on the feet of Jesus? Judas reacted with the same question – why? same reaction: Sayang naman!

Jn 12:4-6 Then Judas said,  “Why was this oil not sold for three hundred days’ wages  and given to the poor?” Jesus’ reply was: The poor you will always have with you; but you will not always have me.-  Mt 26:11

God’s providence is made manifest now to us through Jesus’ Presence! What more could we ask for! That is why He exhorts us: Lk 12:22 He said to (his) disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not  worry about your life and what you will eat, or about your body and what you will wear. For life is more than food and the body more than clothing.

3. God’s providence is always in excess in all good things that we might share it with others.

LK 6:38 Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you.”

O di ba? Siksik, liglig at nag-uumapaw!

Sa isang kundisyon: 2 Cor. 9:8   And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

Ayun! Abound in good works daw!

Kaya, tara na po! Count your blessings! Open your eyes, your hands, your hearts to God’s excessive love!

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CORPUS CHRISTI – June 14, 2020



A. Lanciano, Italy, ca. 700 A.D.

A priest from Lanciano, Italy, doubted the real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. He was shown a miracle when during the consecration of the Mass, the bread became flesh; the wine turned into real blood.

Scientific Studies. A rigorous scientific analysis was performed in 1970-71 by Dr. Odorardo, University Professor in anatomy and pathological histology and in chemistry and clinical microscopy, Head Physician of the United Hospitals of Arezzo.  Prof. Linoli was assisted by Prof. Dr. Ruggero Bertelli, a Professor Emeritus of anatomy at the University of Siena. The research done on the fragments of the Blood and the Flesh yielded the following results:

  • The Blood: real blood and the Flesh is real flesh.
  • The Flesh: of the muscular tissue of the myocardium (heart wall).
  • The Blood and the Flesh belong to the human species.
  • The blood type is identical in the Blood and in the Flesh, type AB.
  • The proteins in the blood are in the same proportions as those found in normal fresh blood.
  • There is no trace whatsoever of any materials or agents used for preservation of flesh or blood.

B. Santarem, Portugal, 1247

A strange case: A host brought to a sorceress started to bleed… Fear overcame her and she went home and put the Host in a trunk, wrapped in her handkerchief and covered with clean linen. During the night she and her husband were awakened by a bright light coming from the trunk which illuminated the room. The wife told her husband of the incident and that the trunk contained a Consecrated Host. Both spent the night on their knees in adoration. A priest was called and took the Host back to the church and sealed it in melted beeswax.

C. Siena, Italy – 1330

A priest in Cassia, Italy was called to give communion to a sick person. Being in  a hurry, he improperly put the sacred host between the pages of his prayer book. Arriving at the house of the sick person, the priest was shocked to see the sacred host full of blood. It was later found out it was a miracle within a miracle: the profile of the face of Jesus could be seen imprinted in the sacred host. Up to this day the sacred host is preserved despite its exposure to natural elements.

D. Betania, Venezuela, 1991

This miracle occurred during Mass in Betania, Venezuela, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1991. A Consecrated Host, truly the flesh of Our Lord, began to bleed. A subsequent medical team concluded that the material extruded from the Host was blood of human origin. The local bishop declared it a sign of transubstantiation saying, “God is trying to manifest to us that our faith in the consecrated Host is authentic.”

Science, when called to testify, has confirmed what we have believed in Faith and what the Catholic Church has taught for the last 2,000 years; echoing the words of Christ, “My Flesh is real food; my Blood real drink.  Whoever eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood dwells continually in Me and I dwell in him.“-John 6:56-57


If ever there is one great trait of the Filipino we can speak of, it is the Filipino’s being Eucharistic. The marks of Eucharistic spirituality are our “jewels in the rags,” to borrow Fr. Horacio dela Costa’s phrase.


    We, Filipinos, are the 3rd Happiest People in Asia next to India. This is according to the annual results of the World Happiness Report (WHR) came out on 20 March 2020. When most of the world’s citizens are worried and fretful about convid 19 & the lockdown, we, Filipinos, have joy and peace — a deep sense of God’s love that overshadows us.


    The Filipino has a sense of community, a sense of family. Filipino Christians, here and abroad, love to stay together, closely. Almost everywhere in the world, where there is a Catholic church, there you’d find Filipinos if not singing in the choir, they just sit together, during Sunday masses.  We, Filipinos, are family related by faith.


    Our love for God is so deep. In times of success or joy, the Filipino gives thanks to God. In times of pain and suffering, he cries out to God for help and consolation. And finally at the hour of his death, he calls for a priest for the Last Rites.

    And we are famous around the world for our love for the Blessed Mother. We call her “Mama Mary” and “Mahal na Ina” or “Beloved Mother.” We are a love-celebrating people. Our fiestas, our sacramental and other celebrations are celebrations of multi-faceted relationships.


The Philippines is a Catholic nation — the only such nation in Asia — and this wonderful country exports missionaries around the world.

    We, Filipinos, can easily relate with God’s gift of the Eucharist because of the many inherent and acquired gifts we have.

    As God touches us through the Eucharist, we are a touching loving people too.  And we  not afraid to show it. We almost inevitably create human chains with our perennial akbay, hawak-kamay, yakap, kapit-bisig, himas, kalabit or kalong.

    The Eucharist is timeless. Filipinos are “timeless” too.  Except on very formal or official functions- we still measure time not with hours and minutes but with “feeling”. This style is ingrained deep in our psyche. Our time is diffused, not framed. Our appointments are defined by umaga, tanghali, hapon, or gabi.  A Filipino event has no clear-cut beginning or ending. We have a fiesta, but there is bisperas. The Filipino Christmas is not confined to December 25th; it begins months before December and extends up to the first days of January.  Notice too how we say good-bye to guests. Ika nga parang double-knit, laging nasasabit: goodbye sa comedor, goodbye sa sala, sa may pintuan, sa may hagdan, sa gate, at kung sasakay pa sa jeep, doon sa sakayan! Governed by  timelessness, we show how to find more time to be nice, kind, and accommodating.

    The Eucharist is “spaceless”. Filipinos are “spaceless” as well. As in the concept of time, our concept of space is not numerical. We will not usually express expanse of space with miles or kilometers but with feelings in how we say malayo or malapit. Alongside with numberlessness, Filipino space is also boundless. Indigenous culture did not divide land into private lots but kept it open for all to partake of its abundance. For example, the interior of the bahay-kubo:  receiving room, sleeping room, kitchen, dining room, chapel, wake parlor, etc. Depending on the time of the day or the needs of the moment. Notice how provincial folks dry palayan (rice grain) on the highways? Religious groups of various persuasions habitually and matter-of-factly commandeer the streets for processions and parades. Filipinos eat, sleep, chat, socialize, and even quarrel, nearly everywhere or just anywhere! “Spacelessness” can be unlawful and may really be counter-productive. But also it is just another manifestation of our spiritual and communal values. It counter balances humanity’s greed, selfishness and isolation.   

These traits plus many more make every Filipino an active agent of change in the world, an ambassador of the Eucharist to all the world. Let us be models and livers of the Eucharistic spirituality.